WELCOME! Please follow these instructions VERY CAREFULLY

This is an application to be considered for the 2012 SemTechBiz Start-up Competition.  The top companies selected by an evaluation committee will be invited to participate in a live "Pitch Competition" on June 5, 2012 at the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.  Application is not a guarantee of participation. This contest is part of  the 2012 SemTechBiz Conference, June 3-7, 2012.


SemanticWeb.com is currently accepting entrants from now until April 23, 2012. Companies encouraged to apply are those who meet the following conditions:

  1. have a demonstrable product (at least in “beta” stage) in the SemTech and or SemWeb space
  2. have received no more than a Series A round of financing

Companies can be located anywhere but must have the financial means to attend SemTech 2012.  Ten Finalist companies will be selected to compete in a “Pitch Slam” before a panel of expert judges at the Conference. These finalists will be listed in an article at SemanticWeb.com. 


There is no fee to apply. However, the selected ten competing companies will be expected to each send one individual to SemTechBiz. If not already registered, that individual must register for a "Gold Passport Pass" ($1595 USD) or a "Conference Only Pass" ($1395 USD). Additional registrations for applicant companies may be purchased at those rates. Company representatives who are ONLY attending the pitch competition may register for an "Expo and Social Networking Pass." For individuals already attending SemTechBiz, there is no additional fee to participate. All speakers are responsible for their own travel and living expenses.


We have assembled a panel of expert judges for the pitch contest, ensuring careful evaluation and a lively afternoon.

  • Moderator: Eric Franzon, VP Community, SemanticWeb.com
  • Phil Aucutt, CEO, TeamPatent
  • Mike Dunn, CTO, Hearst Interactive
  • James Hendler, Professor, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
  • Mark Johnson, CEO, Zite
  • Chris Shipley, CEO, Guidewire Group (former Executive Director, DEMO Conference)


The winning company will win the opportunity to give a half-hour presentation on the official SemTechBiz conference program and will receive an award on stage at the final keynote. Additionally, the winning company will be featured in an article at SemanticWeb.com, to include interviews with key company officers and/or investors.

Target Dates

  • April 16 - Application deadline
  • May 1 - Notification of top competing finalist companies (must attend SemTechBiz Conference)
  • June 3-7 - SemTechBiz Conference
    • June 5, 2:30 pm - Start-up Pitches
    • June 6, 12:00 pm - Winning company presentation (30 minutes)
    • June 7, 8:30 am  - Winning company receives award at closing keynote

Submission Process

On the following pages, you will find the submission form. The submission system uses the same platform we use for SemTechBiz Conference calls for presentations. If you have submitted previously to one of our events, then you will most likely recognize this and will experience the benefit of tying your existing profile (tied to email address) to the start-up competition.

Because this system was originally designed for submission of speaking proposals, there are some quirks to alert you to:

  • In the "Title of Presentation" field, please be sure to include the company or product name that you will be pitching (e.g. "Blanknode: A Way to Make Foo out of Bar," where "Blanknode" is the product).
  • Despite our apparent invitation to request additional AV equipment, unless a very compelling case is made, additional AV resources will not be provided. We will have minimal time between individual pitches to change presenters and we cannot accommodate adding/rearranging AV equipment. One microphone, data projector, and screen will be provided.
  • A few questions have only one option. "Presentation Type," for example, lists "Startup Competition 10 min." Even though there's only one choice, please check that box or you will not be able to advance.
  • There are some custom questions added to the end of the "Presentation Info." section. Please be sure not to miss them!

Thank you!

Step One - Login and Add Primary Speaker


If you have previously submitted a speaking proposal to a WebMediaBrands Conferences event in the last 12 months, please follow these instructions:

STEP 1. Enter your email (ie. the same one you used previously when submitting)
STEP 2. Enter your previous password, or the DEFAULT PASSWORD of "WebMediaBrands" and hit the "Login" button. Your contact data will then populate the submission form.
STEP 3. Once you have logged in, provide a new password and complete your submission.


If you have not submitted a speaking proposal to a WebMediaBrands Conferences event in the last 12 months, please follow these instructions:

STEP 1. Enter your email
STEP 2. Enter a password and hit the "New User" button
STEP 3. Once you have logged in, complete the forms to make your submission.

If you encounter any problems, please send an email to events@mediabistro.com or call +1-212-547-7867 and we will reply as soon as possible.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are modifying a submission you have already proposed, the system will not allow you to edit that submission. You will need to re-submit entirely AND GIVE IT A UNIQUE TITLE. To differentiate the NEW version from the OLD version, please add "REVISED:" to the beginning of the NEW submission title. This will allow the review committee to distinguish between the two.

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